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31 March 2014



Blackmagic Design announced a new model of the Blackmagic MultiDock with Thunderbolt 2 technology, replacing the previous model and available now. Blackmagic MultiDock is a 4 disk docking solution and high speed disk array featuring a “cartridge” style design that enables customers to work more efficiently with high capacity solid state drives. Each disk dock features an independent SATA interface chip for fast data transfer speeds. MultiDock is fully compatible with SSD’s recorded in HyperDeck broadcast recorders, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and more. Compatible with existing Thunderbolt computers, MultiDock also includes a loop-thru so users can connect up to 6 devices with a single Thunderbolt connection. This means customers can build SSD docking stations with up to 24 slots or disk arrays consisting of up to 24 disks all striped together on a single Thunderbolt connection to the computer. Blackmagic MultiDock uses Mac OS X and Windows driver support so SSD’s will mount like regular built in hard disks.

Australian Distributor: New Magic Australia 03 9722 9700 or www.newmagic.com.au


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