2 New 3LCD Laser Projectors from Sony

The VPL-PHZ60 6,000lm and VPL-PHZ50 5,000lm options are among the industry’s smallest compact WUXGA 3LCD laser projectors 


26 November 2020

Introducing Sony’s newest WUXGA laser projectors, the VPL-PHZ60 (6,000lm) and VPL-PHZ50 (5,000lm), combining image quality, installation flexibility and high reliability. The VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50, are less than 4 inches (approximately 10.16cm) high and weighs approximately 15 pounds (6.8kg), ideal for a wide range of corporate, education and entertainment applications. With a wide lens shift function and intelligent setting mode, these projectors are optimised for use in small to medium-sized conference rooms and classrooms, as well as golf simulators. 

The projectors offer exceptional image quality, driven by Sony’s original “Reality Creation” technology, which provides enhanced clarity in images and text, without increasing digital picture noise. Additionally, the 3LCD laser light source maintains bright, vivid and true to life colours and imagery. Accurate colour reproduction is further supported by the signal processing engine’s colour gradation capabilities. 

The VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 were designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind.  Due to its light weight and compact size, the projectors can easily adapt to different mounting and installation challenges. The blend-in design means that it can fit into various usage environments.  With a best-in-class wide lens shift of vertical +55%, which enables easy ceiling-mounting, and supports 4K 30P, these projectors pack numerous industry-requested features into a small chassis.

Additionally, Sony’s unique picture engine enables the new “Bright View” feature which projects vivid images with high visibility even in bright environments, while faithfully maintaining the RGB balance with minimal colour shift. By detecting the video signal pixel-by-pixel and dynamically optimising the process, contrast is improved while maintaining colour reproduction.

A hallmark of Sony’s technology is its durability and dependability.  The VPL-PHZ60 and VPL-PHZ50 allow users to select projection modes based on installation location and intended usage, which can optimise performance, maximise longevity and provide reliability. The installation location pre-sets automatically adjust the image quality, light source output level and cooling system, while the adaptable Advanced Intelligent Setting function simplifies the installation process by automatically selecting the best configuration based on the projector’s environment.

Pricing and availability

VPL-PHZ60 – AUD$5,499 inc. GST – available January 2021
VPL-PHZ50 – AUD$$4,899 inc. GST – available January 2021 

Sony: sony.com.au


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