3 New Laser Projectors From Barco

Introduction of the three G100 models further strengthens and diversifies Barco’s projector hardware offering for media-based attractions.


14 January 2021

Barco announces the launch of its new G100 series projectors. The company expands its laser projection portfolio with a budget-friendly projector range that meets Barco quality standards and the customer requirements in terms of brightness, technical versatility and sustainability.

The G100 is a single-chip projector with native WUXGA resolution and comes in three brightness variants: 16.000, 19.000 and 22.000 lumens. This high-brightness power enables advanced image quality to impress with pioneering projections both indoor and outdoor.

“The G100 is developed for those applications that require high brightness and powerful laser projection at an affordable price,” says Richard Marples, Sales Enablement Director Immersive Experiences at Barco. “With its outstanding price-performance ratio, these new models are a great addition to Barco’s projection offering and the perfect fit for any creative project.”

Up-to-date with the most recent technological needs and signal capabilities, the G100 supports all the latest input sources, including HDMI 2.0, to enable deep colour palettes. The new projector series further stands out in the industry with a future-proof design and exceptionally low noise levels, which is an important differentiator for indoor installations especially.

To ensure full operational versatility and implementation, Barco also brings a new extensive GC-lens range to the market for the G100 models, with throw ratios going from 0.38 up to 10.8, and a large shift capability. With the excellent onboard cooling the G100’s can withstand a maximum ambient operating temperature of 50°C (122°F). Such features make the G100 ideally suited to high-brightness projections, indoors or outdoors, close-up or far away!

To conclude, the G100 projectors feature carefully selected components that lower the power consumption of the device, extend the light source lifetime, and, accordingly, limits the ecological footprint of the units. As a result, the ecoscoring team has granted the projectors an A-score and a Barco ECO product label.

The introduction of the three G100 models strengthens and diversifies Barco’s projector hardware offering for immersive media-based attractions, like planetariums, museums, theme parks, and smaller events. The broad Barco single-chip portfolio has proven to be successful with customers and projects that look for versatile solutions enabling creative freedom. One of the most recent examples being the Memory Lane Museum in Russia where 180 Barco projectors of different sizes, resolutions and brightness levels were installed to create an interactive and immersive experience that tells the story of the Great Patriotic War. 

Learn all about Barco’s newest projector in a free launch webinar on Tuesday, January 19, where the company will demo the new projector and share more details. It’s the ideal opportunity to reach out to the Barco experts with all your burning questions on the most recent addition to the portfolio. Book your seat here.

Barco: barco.com


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