4K and 8K HDMI Cables Added to HDANYWHERE range

Slimline, high-quality high speed & ultra-high speed cables for discerning smart home applications now available from Amber


4 November 2021

Leading smart home AV systems provider, HDANYWHERE, has added the Slimwire Max premium speed 4k and Slimwire Max ultra-speed 8k cables to its HDMI range. Available in varying lengths, these new HDMI cables help facilitate ultimate picture quality and gaming experience for home entertainment set ups.

The 4k HDMI cable delivers maximum bandwidth capabilities, supporting the full HDMI 2.0 (a/b) 18 Gbps max data for the best picture and sound for every 4k television set up. Carrying the premium UltraHD/4k@60, 4:4:4 content, along with all HDR formats such as Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG, the 4k HDMI cable is compatible and supportive with all the latest cutting-edge equipment.

Designed for the ultimate high-performance television and gaming experience, the 8k HDMI cable helps to deliver outstanding picture quality. Supporting the full HDMI 2.1 (a/b) 48Gbps max data rate, the Slimwire Max cables are also capable of carrying the most premium ultra-high speed 8K 60 4:4:4 content, along with all HDR formats (10 & 12-bit), Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG. The Ultra High Speed certified 8k HDMI cable provides a reliable connection link to the world of 8k visuals.

Engineered to be as small and flexible as possible, both the 4k Slimwire Max HDMI cable and 8k Slimwire Max HDMI cable are specifically designed for neatly connecting to the latest super slim LED and OLED displays. The cable are available from 0.5 metres to 5 metres in length, and capable of handling bandwidth of up to 18Gbps for 4k and 48Gpbs for 8k.

Super shielded flexi-wire cable technology and a 3-layer shielding provides superior rejection of EM and RF interference while maintaining signal integrity, even around tight bends. Featuring 24k gold plated connectors for ultimate reliability, the new ultra-speed 4k and 8k HDMI cables ensure that flawless resolution and play is never interrupted.

  • HDANYWHERE Slimwire Max 4k $22-$45 RRP
  • HDANYWHERE Slimwire Max 8k $39-$85 RRP

HDAnywhere: hdanywhere.com
Australian Distributor: ambertech.com.au


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