15 August 2016

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AKG’s Australian distribution has moved to CMI. After 50+ years of stable agency (most recently with Hills after it acquired Audio Products Group, which absorbed AWA before it) the move marks a significant shift for the historic microphone brand.

The Vienna-based AKG Acoustics has been in business since 1947 and made its first real name in mic manufacturing with the D12 in 1953. More than a kick drum mic, it was the first cardioid dynamic mic ever built and was quite the all rounder at the time. (The new D12VR continues the legacy [http://www.audiotechnology.com.au/wp/index.php/akg-d12vr-low-end-microphone/])

Arguably, the C414 is AKG’s best known microphone and an indispensable part of any professional recording studio or performing arts centre’s mic cabinet. If the C414 is its best known mic then the C12 outdoes it for sheer prestige, as one of the ultimate vocal studio mics — incidentally, both models are still built in Austria.

AKG’s catalogue now comprises a raft of AV and commercial products as well as a full range of wireless microphone systems, including the high-spec, Dante-enabled DMS800 system which has started to find favour in the Australian market.

Like most mic brands, AKG has a successful headphone business. CMI will be distributing the professional headphones while Harman’s consumer division will look after high-street sales.

CMI, which distributes Harman stablemates, Digitech and Harman’s Axis by Duran Audio tunnel loudspeakers, looks to be a good fit for AKG. With a strong retail presence along with plenty of experience in the worlds of concert touring and audio installation, CMI has tooled up to give AKG everything it’s got, beefing up its audio department with two new staffing appointments.

CMI’s CEO Peter Trojkovic has high hopes: “AKG is one of the Big Three mic brands of the world and I believe it has the best pedigree of anyone in the studio market. We’re looking forward to helping AKG reach its potential in this country.”

Harman Professional Solutions’ Regional Sales Director in Asia, Rodney Houston, also see a rosy future: “It’s a good time for the brand. We’ve re-energised our studio/live headphone offering with the release of the K52 and K92, and released a new premium handheld condenser mic in the C7. All this is great for the dealer channel as well as musicians and sound engineers.

“We’re nothing but confident in our products — we stand behind them and we have a growing portfolio. Plus we’re delighted that CMI understands the heritage of the brand and will help to maintain and build on that strong pedigree in the Australian market.”

Certainly CMI CEO Peter Trojkovic has a very personal appreciation of AKG’s pedigree, he owns a treasured vintage C12 studio vocal mic from way back: “It was the one thing I held onto when I sold my PA rental company back in the ’90s. I had millions of dollars worth of inventory but that was the one piece of gear I couldn’t bear to part with. Now it all seems like it was meant to be!”

CMI: www.cmi.com.au
AKG: www.akg.com


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