1 June 2018

The new NetSplit Dante Digital-to-Analogue Distribution Splitter from ARX Systems can receive audio channels from a Dante network and provide studio quality, transformer isolated, low latency audio via balanced XLR output connectors to analogue audio equipment.

Suitable for connection to multiple amplifiers, powered loudspeaker arrays, mixing consoles and other analogue audio devices using standard Ethernet hardware and cabling, the ARX NetSplit joins the ARX Network DI, both adding Dante versatility to the range of signal processing products from ARX.

For further flexibility the ARX NetSplit modes of operation can be switched between Dante or Analogue. In Dante Mode, the NetSplit will extract two channels of digital audio from the network via a RJ45 Ethernet input and split them to two channels of 1:4 splitter/distribution amplifier. In Analogue Mode the NetSplit can take two channels of analogue audio and split them to two channels of 1:4 splitter/distribution amplifier.

The ARX NetSplit features a sample rate of 96kHz, 48kHz (default), 44.1kHz with a Bit Depth of 24 bits.  An intuitive interface includes individual level controls for all eight split outputs plus Dante status and Mode status LEDs. Transformer isolated analogue audio ensures low noise operation.

ARX Systems: www.arx.com.au


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