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8 February 2018

AtlasIED introduces its upcoming IPCSD series communication stations supporting its Globalcom.IP mission-critical building communication platform.

The IPCSD series incorporates Dante digital audio transport over a standard Ethernet-based network. The IPCSDs connect with Atlas’s upcoming IP108-D-CSand IP116-D-CSACS system controllers which also incorporate Dante and VoIP integration.

IPCSD1 and IPCSD4 are 1 and 4 button models of digital microphone stations with Dante capability. Both models are network appliances with a unique IP address that requires no configuration and are fully compatible with IEEE 802.3af standard for PoE.

IPCSDTOUCH-G and IPSCDTOUCH-H are both full programmable touch screen models available with a gooseneck or handheld style microphone. The touch screen user interface can be programmed to the user’s specific needs. As a network appliance, each station may obtain its IP address automatically or be assigned a unique IP address which simplifies installation and configuration.

Globalcom.IP manages where media is broadcast throughout an entire commercial facility. It also allows messaging across a wide-area network (WAN) to facilities around the globe.

  • Entire School Districts
  • Corporate Offices
  • Health Care Campuses
  • Military Bases
  • Transportation Hubs

Globalcom.IP allows all these entities to effectively communicate with each other better than ever before by simultaneously utilising these protocols: Audio over Ethernet (AoE), and Layer 3 WebRTC. By using all three protocols, IT managers get ‘plug and play’ connectivity to their VoIP system.

Globalcom.IP is so intelligent, it dynamically chooses which devices are being used, and provides the highest definition audio based upon their capabilities.

Globalcom.IP devices include:

  • IP Enabled Loudspeakers and Visual Displays
  • IPCSD Paging Stations
  • Network Power Amplifiers
  • Message Servers
  • Gateways including Analogue Amps and Loudspeakers
  • Speaking to Third-PartyDevices

Today, a well-designed emergency notification system is more essential than ever because every second counts when lives are on the line. Globalcom.IP provides emergency notification and instruction to help people get to safety when alerted to any disasters or emergency situations.

Globalcom.IP can automatically trigger:

  • Pre-recorded Life Safety Messages
  • ADA-Compliant Visual Messaging and Wayfinding

Studies show having pre-recorded automatic messages help to keep crowds calm in the event of an emergency instead of a frightened person trying to make live announcements or possibly even forgetting what to say.

Globalcom.IP also has active failover that automatically switches to backup devices to ensure seamless operation. Globalcom.IP can also be scaled to add sound masking, and with AtlasIED’s Director system management software for a complete communication system that can’t be beaten.

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