AUDAC ALTI Pendant Loudspeakers

New range of loudspeakers is designed to achieve design and identity consistency throughout  installations in high ceiling spaces


22 January 2021

The ALTI4 and ALTI6 are two pendant style loudspeakers designed for background and foreground music applications with open architectures and high ceilings. Typical applications are big scale retail environments, warehouses and other large open spaces.

Engineered to solve a wide range of installations these new pendant models deliver best-in-class audio and the easiest possible installation experience for integrators. Both styles of speaker include an internal 70V/100V transformer with a 16 Ohm bypass, giving designers fantastic flexibility.

The elegant construction is finished using high grade materials and fitted with premium acoustic components. This guarantees clear speech intelligence and a warm and detailed sound reproduction. The ALTI produces a wide beam coverage pattern that ensures you don’t have to be directly in front of or beneath a speaker to get great sound.

Mounting the speaker is done through a connection cable with two integrated steel cores for suspending with an additional drop safety. Fixation is made through two snap-hooks on one end and a dual Gripple fixation on the other end. The included cable length of 3.5 meters offers possibilities for a wide variety of ceiling heights. Optional longer suspension cables are available in sizes of 5 or 7 meters.

The innovative rear cover of the speaker can be placed after installation and hides the connection and suspension on the speaker end. The ceiling end connections are covered through a cable cover.

In addition to these pendant speakers, AUDAC is also launching 2 variants that can be mounted against a wall or ceiling. The ALTI4M & ALTI6M are in essence the same speakers with the same excellent sound quality but with a die-cast mounting bracket. This allows for the same audio system design and identity for throughout the entire installation in case some areas are not allowing pendant solutions being used due to the ceiling heights or structures. The IP65 rated elegant ABS enclosure together with the weatherproof AWX5 connector also make sure these loudspeakers shine in any weather condition.

AUDAC: audac.eu
Australian Distributor: audiologistics.com.au


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