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AUDIOropa CROSS:TALK Intercom Systems

New products CROSS:TALK and CROSS:TALK COMFORT are designed for one-to-one communication where barriers are present


30 September 2021

These two intercom system are for use in areas where glass partition panes or hygiene barriers are installed, and where excellent audio understanding between the communicating parties plays a central role, including in bank, post office or transport counter areas, hotel receptions, medical facilities, sales or customer service counters and visiting rooms in prison facilities.

CROSS:TALK, the silver-coloured basic system, has slightly raised and hapticaly present push-buttons with assigned LEDs, whilst CROSS:TALK COMFORT, the black coloured system, is operated via touch-keys.

CROSS:TALK COMFORT also provides two predefined announcements that can be called up at the touch of a button.

Both the CROSS:TALK and CROSS:TALK COMFORT systems support high speech intelligibility and simple operation.

Both systems are very easy to operate and have convenient automatic functions. The internal DSP signal processing adjusts the volume accordingly to the respective meeting distance. Both systems detect ambient noise and reduce its influence on the speech signals. The efficient Class-D amplifiers ensure clear and powerful sound with high speech resolution. No further adjusting is required during the dialogue.

In addition to the power supply and the link for the external microphone unit, the internal microphone unit also provides an audio output via a central connection cable. This allows connection to an inductive hearing system for wireless speech transmission to hearing aids or cochlear implant systems.

AUDIOropa: audioropa.com
Australian Distributor: madisonav.com.au


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