Audix Releases M45 Shortgun

The M45 Shortgun ceiling microphone is a new miniaturised ceiling shotgun mic from Audix


17 March 2022

Audix has just introduced its newest installed ceiling mic, the M45 Shortgun miniaturised shotgun condenser ceiling mic. The new M45 microphone is able cover up to 14 square metres of area with both high sensitivity and audible sound quality. It is ideal for use in corporate or educational classroom style setups, boardrooms and conference rooms as well as larger lecture venues and hospitals.

The M45 is a versatile mic, featuring a low-profile, swivel-and-pivot base for a range of positioning requirements. The M45 is optimised for vocal intelligibility and offers high sensitivity of 98 mV/Pa at 1 kHz, a maximum SPL of >124 dB, an integrated preamp, immunity from RF interference, and is easy to install in a 38mm hole with no additional tools required.

With the M45, mic-level signal and LED control is over an RJ45 connection. An adapter is also included to convert from RJ45 to an 8-conductor pluggable terminal block. For those using Dante networks the optional AUDIX DN4 Enhanced Onramp for Dante AES67 is also available and supports up to four devices and includes LED logic control.

 • High sensitivity and low noise
• Easy to install and aim
• Optimised for vocal intelligibility
• Immunity from RF interference

Transducer                              Condenser
Frequency Response              85Hz-8kHz
Polar Pattern                           Supercardioid
Output Impedance                  150 Ohms
Sensitivity                                98 mV / Pa @ 1 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio              72 dB
Maximum SPL                         >124 dB
Dynamic Range                      100 dB
Operating Voltage                   18-52 V
Connector                               RJ45
Materials/Finish                       Brass & Aluminum/White
Weight                                     195g 


Audix: audixusa.com
Australian Distributor: pavt.com


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