Aurora Net 1.0 Releases

Aurora Net open beta is over and the newest release 1.0 is now available for download, with system matching, arc delay & a daylight UI skin 


1 December 2020

Aurora Net allows a complete real time control of dBTechnologies networkable systems and with release 1.0 we are introducing even more features to make your remote control experience complete and easier.

What’s New?

  • Matching Function
    Ever wanted to load a project on Aurora and adapt all its settings to the real system you have in front of you? With the Matching Function you can easily scan your phisycal audio system and adapt your existing Aurora project to it in an automatic and effortless way.
  • Arc Delay Function
    Setting the parameters of each subwoofer of your PA can be accurate but time consuming. With the Arc Delay Function you can just set the desired low frequency coverage and subwoofer array spacing, Aurora will take care of setting each single subwoofer parameter to get the desired result.
  • New Products
    With the 1.0 release we are introducing compatibility with our latest product releases:
    VIO L1610
    VIO C12
    VIO C15
  • Daylight Skin Improvements
    One of the most requested features gets to its best through our visibility improvement.
    Try the new skin on daylight.

Moreover, Release 1.0 brings better performances and various bug fixing.
For more informations check Aurora 1.0 page, and download the complete Manual.

DB Technologies: dbtechnologies.com
Australian Distributor: nas.solutions


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