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5 July 2016

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The Audio Visual Industry Awards entries deadline has been extended to COB Monday 11th July. Here’s your final call to get your entries in – no excuses, no special dispensation… that’s it.

There are five categories. A project may only be entered in just one category.

  • Innovation Award
  • Best Application of AV in a Commercial or Government Installation
  • Best Application of AV in an Exhibition or Display
  • Best Application of AV in a Production
  • Best Application of AV in Education

Each category is further divided into three budget ranges; projects with a budget under $100,000; projects with a budget  between $100,000 and $500,000; and projects with a budget exceeding $500,000. Awards may not necessarily be made in every budget range for every category.

AVIA projects are presented to an independent judging panel composed of six seasoned industry professionals representing InfoComm, AETM, and ALIA. The judges look for innovation in problem solving and excellence in execution.

Entry is open to any company or individual involved in the AV industry, from consultants, integrators, and production companies to designers and manufacturers of any type of equipment or software used in AV.

Click here to download the entry form. Entries must be submitted electronically.

Head over to www.avias.com.au for more information.


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