AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Collaborative Experience


18 June 2020

Klarman Hall at Harvard Business School
Boston, Massachusetts

In October 2018, Harvard Business School opened Klarman Hall, a forum designed to connect voices from all over the world to discuss critical issues. Harvard’s case method approach required a different design from traditional lecture-style classrooms. It wasn’t enough to support one-direction communication. The room had to support the interaction on a large scale – a 1000-seat room. The AV design by Idibri and installation by AVI-SPL allows students to see and speak to each other from their seats. The sound systems allow for presentation, while a separate voice lift audio system supports the students’ interaction in the hall. The oversized multimedia display (~21m wide) is curved to optimise viewing angles. It supports concurrent media presentations, empowering a variety of ideas to be expressed at once.

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Dynamic Art Experience (Tie)

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Flexible Space Experience

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Immersive Experience

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Individualised Experience


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