6 June 2018

Beyerdynamic is presenting the new four-channel access point Unite AP4 at InfoComm 2018. The AP4 means you can use Unite in places where a fixed installation is needed. The analogue inputs and outputs are in Phoenix format. Unite AP4 also has a digital Dante interface that can provide power to the access point. Up to eight Unite AP4 access points can be synchronised for large systems, meaning up to 32 audio channels are available. Professional stands or wall mounts can be used for mounting.

The Unite system uses a digital audio processor to optimise speech intelligibility. The frequency response is adjusted so that speech transmission is always clear and intelligible. A noise-cancelling function removes irritating background noise, further ensuring perfect speech intelligibility. Setup is similarly effortless, even for complex systems. Unite includes intelligent frequency management to independently and dynamically manage up to 32 simultaneously usable groups and ensures reliable transmission. The use of the DECT standard means no system authorisation is required and there are no licence fees.

The Unite system is tap-proof thanks to AES 256-bit encryption and can be adapted to individual requirements thanks to a large range of components. From handheld transmitters through to neck-worn microphones and headsets using a beltpack transmitter, Unite provides a variety of options for speakers. The receiver modules are available with or without talkback function, meaning the right component can be selected for every application. Headphones, single-ear headphones or an induction neck-loop for listeners with hearing aids or cochlea implants ensure perfect listening for every participant. The new Unite AP4 access point provides the ideal foundation for a fixed system. The versatility of Beyerdynamic Unite is further increased by the connector options for external audio inputs. Music or pre-produced contributions can be integrated via analogue, USB or Bluetooth connections.

Beyerdynamic is exhibiting at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas from 6 to 8 June. Alongside other products, Beyerdynamic will also be exhibiting the Unite system and the Unite AP4 access point for the first time at booth C1628.

Beyerdynamic: www.beyerdynamic.com
Australian Distributor: www.syntec.com.au


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