Biamp at ISE: Sound Reinforcement, Dante and AVB and Touch Panels


11 February 2020

Demonstrating Biamp’s commitment to global audiences and customers, both the attendee app and moderator interface will be translated into 20 languages to make Crowd Mics more accessible to international users.


Biamp: www.biamp.com
Australian Distributor: www.jands.com.au


The PREZONE2 is a dual-zone stereo preamplifier and the P30DT a 4.25-inch, two-way pendant loudspeaker, both designed for ease of use and exceptional music reproduction in retail and hospitality applications. The PREZONE2 empowers end users to intuitively control audio source selection and volume across two audio zones, while the P30DT adds even more design flexibility to Biamp’s already expansive loudspeaker catalog by providing designers and integrators with a smaller pendant loudspeaker ideal for venues where aesthetics and audio quality are of equal importance.

The PREZONE2 utilises the straightforward user interface design introduced with Biamp’s PREZONE1, allowing end-users without expertise in professional audiovisual systems to control both the audio source and volume in two areas. End-users can also easily employ public address features like paging and emergency alerts. The PREZONE2’s front panel provides immediate feedback of operational status with push-button capability for source select and separate volume knobs for each zone. It also supports inputs for two microphones that can be mixed easily with one of four audio sources in each zone, while both zoned and all-call paging modes are supported. RCA and Euroblock I/O appear on the back, and comprehensive controls are remotely controllable from both desktop and mobile.

Also announced is a new, smaller pendant loudspeaker, the P30DT. Biamp’s P30DT two-way pendant loudspeaker shares the design of its larger sibling, the P60DT, and utilises the same drivers as the CM30DTD in-ceiling loudspeaker — a 4.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter — resulting in matched acoustic characteristics and performance. Ideal for retail and hospitality environments, it offers the same superior full-range music reproduction as the rest of Biamp’s pendant family, and its wide coverage area allows for fewer loudspeakers while maintaining excellent speech intelligibility. The P30DT is equipped with a tuned bass reflex port for optimised low frequency performance and a unique overload protection feature for 24/7 failsafe operation. Available in black or white, the P30DT utilises a multi-position switchable transformer for constant-voltage operation, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of background and foreground audio applications.

Also announced is the expansion of the TesiraCONNECT line to include the TesiraCONNECT TC-5D. The new dual network device allows designers to seamlessly incorporate both AVB and Dante into their AV solutions, underscoring Biamp’s commitment to multi-protocol support and providing integrators with the tools they need to deliver complete solutions.

Debuting at Booth 3-B90 at ISE 2020, TesiraCONNECT TC-5D features the same plug and play simplicity of the recently introduced TC-5 connectivity appliance and adds the interoperability of Dante. With the TC-5D, designers and integrators can easily connect and power via PoE+ both Dante and Biamp AVB devices in the same system with no configuration required.

The new appliance allows connected Dante devices to be managed using Dante Domain Manager as well as configured in Dante Controller. Once installed, the TC-5D can be monitored and maintained using Biamp’s SageVueTM management platform like other Biamp products.

Biamp also expands its portfolio of conferencing and sound reinforcement solutions with the introduction of TEC-X, a family of easy-to-use, elegant wall and table controllers. The contemporary-style devices allow users to control AV equipment in presentation spaces and conference rooms that utilise the Tesira platform.

The TEC-X family includes two models: the TEC-X 1000 and TEC-X 2000. The TEC-X 1000 combines a rotary encoder and small touchscreen. The control pad can be programmed to display a variety of button layouts that can initiate virtually any action desired. The large, weighted rotary encoder is designed to be instantly recognisable to end-users as a volume control but can be programmed for any purpose. The rotary can be pushed to select for one additional button to those displayed on the screen.

For applications that require more buttons, the TEC-X 2000 features a larger touchscreen in lieu of the rotary encoder. It can be programmed with a variety of layouts that feature up to 12 touch buttons. Both options are PoE-powered to simplify installation cabling, and up to four controllers can be daisy-chained to support environments that require multiple devices. The design is modern and slim, extending only 13mm (0.5”) from the wall. Only a very small element is housed within the wall, allowing the TEC-X controllers to be installed in a wide variety of back boxes from around the world. TEC-X supports 802.1X authentication and features an ambient light sensor for energy efficiency, as well as a programmable lightbar that can be used to indicate room or device status as desired.

Crowd Mics Online continues to create extraordinary collaboration experiences between presenters and audience members, except this time over the internet. Crowd Mics transforms every smartphone into a personal microphone and interactive response system via a free iOS or Android app. Now, Biamp is extending the use of Crowd Mics to remote locations. With Crowd Mics Online, geographically diverse audience members can use their smartphones to connect with the event presenter as if they were in the same room.

Demonstrating Biamp’s commitment to global audiences and customers, both the attendee app and moderator interface will be translated into 20 languages to make Crowd Mics more accessible to international users.

Biamp: www.biamp.com
Australian Distributor: www.jands.com.au


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