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Biamp Devio SCX Series

Meeting Room Audio Hub Features Biamp Launch Automatic Discovery and Tuning For Plug-And-Play Medium & Large Meetings


25 January 2021

Biamp announces the Devio SCX Series of conference room signal processors, which deliver   quality audio and deploy with ease and speed. Devio SCX leverages the popular Devio platform designed for huddle rooms and smaller conference spaces and expands it to deliver the same audio and simple installation experience for medium and large conference spaces. The series features Biamp Launch, Biamp’s one-touch automatic discovery and tuning feature, accessible at the press of a button. By automating the room tuning and commissioning process, Biamp Launch guarantees a consistent audio experience in any space with remarkable speed.

“The Devio SCX Series features the renowned installation simplicity and efficiency of Devio with the processing power required for larger spaces, previously addressable only with TesiraFORTÉ,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Biamp. “It can be as easy as connecting room devices and pushing a button. The processor automatically detects the connected equipment, and Biamp Launch takes care of the rest. Devio SCX delivers pro-grade features and optimised performance with the setup simplicity traditionally found in only fixed-configuration systems.”

Introduced to the AV industry five years ago, Devio was the first professional-grade system developed to automatically tune the audio to make BYOM (bring your own meeting) simple and productive. Biamp’s SCX Series brings Devio’s automation, convenience, and quality into much larger environments than ever before.

Setting up Devio SCX is simple, ensuring a positive experience for any user. Select and connect the equipment to suit the space, then press the Biamp Launch button on the device. Devio SCX will then identify and configure every device in the system and perform a tuning cycle. Biamp Launch measures the acoustic characteristics of the room and then automatically applies signal processing, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), speaker tuning, and noise reduction. Biamp Launch supports Biamp Parlé microphones and a range of other Biamp network peripherals, including the AMP450 range of PoE+-powered amplifiers, the HD-1 dialer, and the EX-UBT USB extender.

Devio SCX is available in two models: Devio SCX 400 supports up to four Parlé microphones, and Devio SCX 800 supports up to eight. Joining the existing Devio SCR-20 and SCR-25 models targeting smaller spaces, the expanded Devio line lets users enjoy the simplicity of Devio in a wide range of meeting spaces, from huddle rooms up to the largest conference rooms. Devio SCX includes five (four PoE+-powered) network ports to connect other Biamp devices, along with a USB port to connect to UC host platforms. It is also the first Devio product to feature VoIP, an important feature for larger meeting spaces.

Devio SCX is fully supported by SageVue, Biamp’s advanced AV device monitoring and management platform. It allows technology managers full access to the status of their Biamp devices and includes important functions such as scheduling, firmware and system updates, and also features a RESTful API for integration with enterprise dashboarding systems.

Devio SCX shortens project lengths and cuts costs by speeding up the programming and tuning of room systems. Installation time is also significantly improved thanks to Biamp’s single-cable connectivity using just Cat 5 cabling.

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Issue 26