16 March 2017


As Just Lamps Australia transitions into becoming part of Stampede Global, Calibre’s HQUltra 4K switching and scaling technology will be represented, supported and widely available to the Australian market for use in videowall processing and display.

Greg Murray, managing director at the Australian entity of Stampede Global said: “We’re well established in Australia and we are looking at moving into other areas of Asia Pacific such as Singapore and Malaysia. The evolution from Just Lamps to Stampede gives us full access to the best 4K-capable products such as Calibre HQUltra, which are supported locally with training and product support.”

Using Calibre’s proprietary HQUltra halo-free low-latency scaling, these products provide stunning image quality in demanding applications. Calibre’s HQUltraFast input switching technology is able to change inputs in approximately 0.25 seconds.

The HQView670ASV is the top model in the Presentation 4K scaler-switcher range which performs HQUltrafast input switching, HDBaseT, audio and video streaming.

Calibre: www.calibreuk.com


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