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1 August 2014


Chief has released new plenum-rated above-ceiling storage boxes designed to eliminate swing down doors. “The new boxes are easy to work with on site and allow installers to better place projectors and equipment,” says product manager Luke Westin. “It’s a great solution for non-permanent conference rooms.”

The boxes include a drop-down feature that lowers the entire frame enough to slide the tile out of the way. Designers also focused on maximising the column location within a tile space for less reliance on digital adjustments and lens shift to the image. They can hold 45.4kg, including 22.7kg for a projector and up to 11.3kg per shelf, and the AV components can be pre-loaded to the shelf before bringing it to the ceiling.

The CMS491 and CMS492 are available in 1×2 and 2×2 sizes, and power can be added either in the box or facing the room. A detachable power plate allows pre-wiring before box installation begins, and passive cooling vents help with thermal management. Both units come with one shelf and all the speed-connect hardware needed for installation, and can be ordered with or without a column drop, a second shelf and a 1RU rack rail. A fan kit for active thermal management will also be available in coming months.

Source: media release

Chief: www.chiefmfg.com

Australian distribution:
IDT: 1300 666 099 or www.idt.com.au




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