8 June 2016

christie mystique

Christie Mystique augments the company’s line of professional AV products by providing system design, pre-visualisation tools including virtual reality technology and 3D printed scale model systems, camera-based alignment tools, and system-level monitoring. Christie previewed Mystique at InfoComm 2016.

“Christie is first in the industry to offer a full suite of services, software and hardware solutions for the design, deployment and maintenance of complex visual systems. As such, Christie Mystique demonstrates the company’s wealth of technical capabilities and industry-leading services to ensure an extraordinary experience throughout its entire lifecycle,” said Curtis Mutter, solutions manager, Christie. “Mystique solves specific challenges that our partners encounter when fulfilling multi-screen, multi-projector blended systems. With the Mystique suite of solutions, our partners can continue to confidently work with Christie for all of their LBE needs from idea to reality.”

Mystique consists of three solutions. Mystique Design simulates system designs to meet quality standards of leading venues, and offers unique ways of creating a virtual environment to ‘test’ content both in virtual reality and through physical scale model representations of the system.

Mystique Install provides tools to help bring venues or attractions from design to reality. Covering everything from simple stacked projection deployment to multi-projector domes to complex 3D objects, Install provides a range of existing camera-based warp and blend tools to help align projectors for whatever the installation requires.

Finally, Mystique Operate helps customers maintain high quality presentation across all facets of their display systems. It provides purpose-built tools that help meet the specific operational requirements of the different environments such as theme park dark rides, sports stadiums and arenas by monitoring ‘system-level’ metrics analysing the whole system.

“Christie Mystique is the culmination of Christie’s leadership in large-scale visual experiences,” said Jennifer Smith, executive vice president, Global Market Solutions, Christie.  “It’s a combination of design and auto-calibration software, system-level hardware and services that make it easier for our customers to move from the ‘art of the possible’ to reality.”

More Info:
Christie: www.christiedigital.com


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