15 August 2014

WBSU New Stand

Elite Screens has introduced a classroom-sized freestanding whiteboard projection screen to its range, with another slightly larger model in the works. Suited for use with short-throw projectors and interactive whiteboard projectors/pens in classrooms, conference rooms and other training facilities, the new WB4X10HW WhiteBoardScreen Universal has an active surface measuring 1220mm high and 3050mm wide (4×10 feet) with a wide diffusion 180° viewing angle. The material is coated with an optical nanotech resin that gives the screen its dry-erase function while eliminating the typical glare effect of standard whiteboard surfaces.

Removable trunnions attach the screen easily to the ZWBMS-4X10 mobile stand to form a stable freestanding display. The stand is constructed with lightweight aluminium square-tubing construction with locking wheels and adjustable fasteners. The new screen will be joined shortly by a 1520x3050mm (5×10 feet) version.

Elite Screens: www.elitescreens.com
Elite Screens Australia: (03) 9078 8960 or www.elitescreens.com.au


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