15 March 2019

ClearOne, global provider of audio and visual communication solutions, announces availability of the new COLLABORATE Live 1000, which includes the company’s new Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tile (BMA CT).

“COLLABORATE Live empowers users to collaborate like never before in large conferencing space environments, with high-quality audio and video, interactive whiteboard, presentation, recording, streaming and cloud connectivity,” said ClearOne Chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu.

For large-sized boardrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, training centres, and telemedicine theatres, COLLABORATE Live 1000 delivers a complete  collaboration system solution. It features a powerful combination of video components integrated with audio DSP technology for an optimal large meeting room collaboration experience. 

COLLABORATE Live 1000 includes ClearOne’s newest beamforming microphone product, the Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tile (BMA CT). In addition to the aesthetic appeal of its integrated design, the BMA CT offers a full range of unique capabilities. Within the space of a standard ceiling tile, the PoE-powered BMA CT provides full-room microphone coverage, adaptive steering, noise and echo cancellation, as well as amplification, all before the signal is sent to a DSP mixer. An onboard 10-Watt, 2-channel amplifier can drive two ceiling-mounted loudspeakers, and additional BMA CTs can be daisy chained together to cover larger spaces.

COLLABORATE Live 1000 also includes COLLABORATE Space cloud conferencing, Skype for Business client, SIP/H.323 video conferencing, wireless presentation, interactive whiteboard, recording, and streaming.

The system comes complete with the CONVERGE Pro 2 48VT DSP mixer, the industry’s most advanced audio processor, and a user interface that’s as simple and familiar as that found on a tablet or mobile device. A UNITE 200 PTZ 1080p@60 camera with 12x optical zoom ensures high-quality capture of all room participants.  

COLLABORATE Live 1000 is the newest addition to the Company’s professional grade COLLABORATE Live series. All 5 COLLABORATE Live systems offer a simple and friendly user interface and a 90-day free trial of the ClearOne COLLABORATE Space cloud-based video conferencing application. 

COLLABORATE Live 900 provides the same large-room audio and video capabilities as COLLABORATE Live 1000, but includes a Beamforming Microphone Array 2 that can be elegantly and discretely mounted under the display if preferred to a ceiling tile installation. 

COLLABORATE Live 600 is ClearOne’s solution for medium-sized rooms, combining a UNITE 200 PTZ camera with a CHATAttach system featuring two CHAT 150 speakerphones daisy chained together.  

COLLABORATE Live 300 is designed for small-room and executive office video collaboration. It includes one CHAT 150C speakerphone and one 1080p@30 UNITE 150 PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom, and offers a Skype for Business client, SIP/H.323 video conferencing, and wireless presentation and interactive whiteboard capabilities. 

Finally, the COLLABORATE Live 200 is ClearOne’s solution for capturing all participants in huddle spaces and smaller rooms. Designed specifically to meet huddle space budgets, it features the UNITE 50 EPTZ 1080p@30 camera with an ultrawide angle lens and 3x digital zoom, as well as one CHAT 150C speakerphone.

“From auditoriums and courtrooms to huddle spaces and offices, ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Live Series provides cutting edge, affordable cloud-based collaboration solutions for a range of environments,” said Hakimoglu. “Through this expansion of our newest series of professional grade audio and video solutions, dealers and users can benefit from all of our latest technologies and find the ideal solution to suit every need.”

ClearOne: www.clearone.com
Australian Distributor: www.pavt.com.au


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