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Cloud Electronics 2 Zone Mixer/Amplifier

The 24-120 is a new approach to 2 Zone Mixer Amplification, utilising the highest quality amplifier and power supply digital technology.


21 January 2021

The Cloud 24 Series is a two zone mixer-amplifier intended to provide a complete audio solution for Houses of Worship, retail outlets, hotels, licensed premises and other spaces where music, announcements and/or flexible paging are required. Catering for up to four music sources, it provides independent source and level control of music in each zone with microphone mixing as required, with full paging facilities. Each zone includes a mono power amplifier and the unit occupies only 1U of rack height.

There are two models in the 24 Series, with different output power ratings:
24-120: 2 x 120 watts
24-240: 2 x 240 watts


  • Two zone mixer/amplifier
  • 2 x transformer-less Class-D 120W amplifiers with limiters on each zone plus Thermal/Short Protection
  • 4 Line inputs, 2x unbalanced/ 2x balanced
  • 1 Mic input with analogue paging options
  • Integrated chime triggered by access control
  • 100Hz dedicated high-pass filter on Microphone input
  • Phantom power selectable by internal jumper
  • Music level and source selection via RSL-4 & RSL-6
  • Facility input (Zone 1 or Both) for active modules LM-2/BT-1
  • RS232 control interface
  • Line 4 priority
  • Mic over Music input priority
  • Separate EQ for music and mic signals
  • 2 x Auxiliary balanced line outputs
  • 1 x Utility / Loop output with independent line & mic controls with music content selection
  • Remote Music Mute configurable for NO or NC operation
  • Selectable speaker output impedance (4Ω/8Ω/70v/100v)
  • High-Impedance Power sharing, 240W available
  • Efficient, Universal Power Supply
  • Variable Speed Fan Cooling

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Issue 27