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Magewell Cloud, the centralised streaming encoder/decoder management software is now available


22 March 2022

Magewell have announced the full release of their Magewell Cloud multi-device management software. This is deployable on an on-premises server or cloud hosting platform and provides centralised configuration and control of multiple Magewell streaming and IP conversion solutions. Two additional premium Magewell Cloud versions also offer stream management features including SRT relay and protocol conversion.

The Magewell Cloud software allows integrators, administrators, and IT staff to manage multiple Magewell IP encoders and decoders across multiple sites through a browser-based interface. It can also be controlled programmatically via HTTP-based APIs, providing systems integrators and third-party developers with deployment flexibility and integration possibilities. Beyond the centralised management, Magewell Cloud enables technical personnel to remotely manage devices on behalf of less-experienced users.

The software supports all current Magewell streaming and IP conversion hardware including their Ultra Stream live streaming and recording appliances, Ultra Encode universal live media encoders, and Pro Convert encoders and decoders. Users can remotely configure device parameters, monitor device status, trigger operational functions – such as starting or stopping encoding – and perform batch firmware upgrades across multiple units of the same model.

The free Magewell Cloud core software is able to manage up to 20 Magewell hardware devices. Two additional versions of Magewell Cloud – supporting up to 50 or 150 devices, respectively – will be available as perpetual licenses and will add SRT relay and protocol conversion functionality for the corresponding number of streams. The SRT Relay feature simplifies ‘one-to-many’ or ‘many-to-many’ streaming with the SRT protocol by letting Magewell and third-party SRT solutions connect via Magewell Cloud rather than directly to each other. This eliminates the need for public, static IP addresses at every endpoint. Bi-directional protocol conversion between SRT and RTMP lets customers use SRT in their streaming workflows while providing compatibility with non-SRT hardware and software.

Magewell Cloud is delivered as a Docker container and can be deployed on customers’ own private server or public cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Linux is the recommended operating system for Magewell Cloud installations, but the software is also compatible with Windows and MacOS. Magewell channel partners may also offer optional, fee-based support services to assist customers with deploying the Magewell Cloud software or managing their devices.

Magewell will showcase the new software in booth C8508 at the 2022 NAB Show, taking place April 24-27 in Las Vegas.

Magewell: magewell.com
Australian Distributor: corsairsolutions.com.au


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