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10 February 2014

CF Solo.472 render


Melbourne-based CommandFusion has announced its upcoming product, the all-in-one networkable controller named the Solo. The Solo is designed to give smaller installations in both the home automation and commercial control markets control functionality at a cost-effective price point. Key features include an ethernet connection, a generous variety of commonly used control ports and two expansion slots. The built-in Ethernet port gives the Solo immediate and simple connectivity to any standard network, while the communications expansion slot allows the user to easily add other protocol cards such as the Wi-Fi expansion card – which will be available soon. The Solo also features 10 high power IR Blaster LEDs. The Blaster LED’s flood an area with infrared, allowing for wireless control of devices with an IR receiver. The built in IR Learner means that the user can learn codes directly on the Solo itself, there is no additional equipment required. Open protocols will make it simple to interface with third party control systems, and integrate with CommandFusion’s own iViewer mobile application.

Australian Distributor:CommandFusion www.commandfusion.com


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