26 September 2018

Community Professional has completed EN54-24 certification for its compact R.35-3896-EN loudspeaker.

Community’s R Series has long been a standard for stadia and other large scale, all-weather applications worldwide. Since gaining EN54-24 certification on the larger R1, R2 and R6 models, permitting their use in voice alarm systems in venues across Europe, Community has seen demand for these certified versions building significantly year upon year.

The R.35-3896-EN meets the need for a high performance compact loudspeaker for fill and supplementary areas in larger venues and for smaller venues wanting to conform to EN54 standards. The R.35-3896-EN is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of applications, including background and foreground music and announcement systems in corporate AV, leisure centres, swimming pools, theatres, night clubs, shopping malls, stadiums, cruise ships, theme parks and factories.

The R.35-3896-EN is a fully horn-loaded triaxial three-way, full-range loudspeaker system, designed to provide high quality voice and music reproduction normally only associated with indoor loudspeakers. Featuring Community’s innovative MultiSource Waveguide horn design, the output from the dual midrange compression drivers and one-inch exit HF driver are combined seamlessly into a single time-coherent source, resulting in excellent musicality, intelligibility and dispersion consistency.

The high output, three-inch voice coil, eight-inch carbon ring cone LF driver features a flange-less frame design that permits a cone area nearly equivalent to a typical 10-inch driver, resulting in high sensitivity and increased LF extension. The low LF/MR passive crossover point results in improved midrange pattern control and elimination of horn colouration in the LF response. With a built-in autoformer, the R.35-3896-EN is certified for use in 100V distributed system applications.

Jamie Ward, Community’s EMEA Sales Manager, commented, “Along with our existing R1, R2 and R6 EN54 models, this new compact loudspeaker presents a much stronger family of products to deal with a wider range of life safety demands. The R.35-3896-EN opens up many opportunities and I have no doubt we can gain significant new market share going forward.”

Community: www.communitypro.com
Australian Distributor: www.hills.com.au


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