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ONE Series Control KNX Cable.


15 February 2023

The Kordz ONE Series CTRL KNX cable is engineered to meet the exacting requirements of the KNX certification and is certified by KNX themselves. This high performance KNX cable has been revamped to be softer and more pliable creating a more robust, flexible and easy to use KNX experience.

This professional grade high performance cable is designed for systems technicians and supplied in a 305m professional pull box. The Rapid-EZ reel allows the easy flow of cable from the box, whilst also keeping the cable from twisting and curling, minimising snags during installation and saving time.

Product Outline

  • KNX Certified: 579/1721/20
  • Industry standard wire colour coding (red, black, yellow, white)
  • Easy glide outer jacket with meter marks
  • Compact Rapid-EZ-Reel packaging – 305m
  • CPR Dca Fire-rated jacket – LSZH
  • Enhance Pair Geometry with Al – Mylar Shield
  • Sturdy and robust shielded construction
  • Manufactured with quality materials using advanced manufacturing methods
  • Backed by the Kordz Lifetime Guarantee

Kordz: kordz.com.au


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