CORIOmaster App Update

CORIOmaster App now supports CORIOmaster2 and introduces secure connectivity of video walls over internal Wi-Fi networks


14 February 2022

tvONE announces updates to its CORIOmaster app, a simple yet powerful control tool for the CORIOmaster family of video processing systems. The latest version, v1.5, allows secure connectivity and includes support for the newest generation video processor, CORIOmaster2. 

The CORIOmaster app is a free application for smartphones and tablets that extends the control of CORIOmaster video walls onto mobile platforms. The app provides a secure wireless control platform, allowing users to control CORIOmaster wirelessly on an internal Wi-Fi network.

Users can execute all simple control functions with ease through the CORIOmaster app from any CORIOmaster unit, including CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, CORIOmaster micro, and CORIOmaster2. Functionality includes viewing all canvases, viewing the selected ‘source to window’ assignments, activating presets, switching inputs, and assigning fresh sources to windows.

For advanced users, create and execute powerful automated rules and sequences in the Macro Editor. For example, users can choose from different sequences of internally saved media, still, or IP feeds for playback directly from a mobile device. Additionally, more sophisticated control is possible by sending single or command chains using API commands set.

tvONE: tvone.com
Australian Distributor: corsairsolutions.com.au


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