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21 October 2014

An improved end-to-end experience with new and custom analytics reports, and simpler installation, configuration and operation are the promise from Crestron for its newly released Fusion 10 enterprise building management software.

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Fusion 10 provides new room utilisation statistics and energy reports including peak energy consumed in a space or room, and energy category levels, making it easier to analyse historical usage data, the company says. A new Backfill function can even retrieve historical data if meeting rooms were selected from popular calendar programmes such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar prior to the installation of Fusion 10, to aid decisions concerning new facilities or the redesign of existing spaces according to usage patterns.

“Crestron Fusion 10 provides an integrated platform to create truly smart buildings that save energy and enhance worker productivity,” the company says. “From a centralised platform, Crestron Fusion 10 unifies and simplifies the way organisations control, monitor and manage building technology, orchestrate building and AV automation, and control energy usage. The new reports are designed to help users plan for and cost-justify investments in the integrated building technologies that make workers more productive and business more profitable.”

Crestron Fusion 10 enables users to watch every room in their facility and record whatever information they want. The reporting interface enables new reports to be added at any time, and users can custom-build reports using data collected.

Fusion EM, the energy management component of the new software, includes an enhanced calendar interface that allows facilities managers to pre-set building systems operation for weekends, holidays and special events. With the enhanced Time Clock they can also manage the building calendar separate from the rules that operate the building. Fusion EM unifies all environmental systems on a single platform and provides analytics and reporting of real-time and historical energy use, enabling facilities managers to make intelligent and informed energy saving decisions.


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