crestron ssw hallway sign
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6 June 2017

crestron ssw hallway sign

Crestron’s new SSW Room Availability Hallway Sign lets office workers see which meeting rooms are in use with a quick glance down the hallway. Wall mounted outside meeting rooms, the SSW illuminates bright green to indicate an available room, and red to indicate an occupied room. The SSW is visible from up to 50ft away and yet very energy efficient, utilising less than 2W.

“The SSW is the ideal way to provide long-range visibility to rooms and room availability. With so many more spaces in offices today, this is an effective, simple solution to a big problem,” said Eric Johnson, Technology Manager, Integration Solutions at Crestron.

Integrators simply connect the SSW to a Crestron TSW x60 Series touchscreen via the included 15ft USB cable for a programming-free solution with instant out of the box functionality. Alternatively, multiple hallway signs can be connected to a Crestron control system up to 3000ft away via Cresnet cable.

The SSW can be custom engraved with the room name for easy identification, or left blank. Crestron Engraver software provides a choice of font sizes and the option of one or two lines of text. The acrylic lights up beautifully, outlining the edges of the sign and the engraved room name or number. By connecting to a Crestron control system and using Crestron Studio or SIMPL, programmers can utilise the powerful custom RGB capabilities of the SSW such as displaying company or team colours, adjusting brightness, fading in and out in 1% increments, and flashing.

The LED module installs flush with the wall via a single gang box or p-ring that allows connection to a Cresnet or USB cable. The acrylic face of the sign attaches with two screws. The designer moulding slides over the sconce-style acrylic sign and attaches with two built-in magnets.

CSIGN-W makes it easier than ever to locate available meeting rooms in a Crestron powered enterprise. Visit the SSW product page for more information including specifications, photos, pricing, and accessories.



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