Dante Virtual Soundcard

Dante Virtual Soundcard is more flexible and useful than ever before.


17 May 2023

Dante Virtual Soundcard now supports transferable licensing so you can use it where you need it. Got a new computer? Transfer your license right at Audinate’s website. Deploying PCs using disk images? Use a pool of transferable licenses over and over. With a transferable license, you can move Dante Virtual Soundcard from one computer to another using your Audinate account. This means that you are no longer locked to a single machine.

Dante Virtual Soundcard turns your computer into a Dante-powered workstation, seamlessly integrating your Mac or PC with the Dante audio devices on your network. A transferable license for Dante Virtual Soundcard is priced at US$79.99, and allows unlimited transfers between computers, be they Mac or PC. You can still get a single machine license for US$49.99 if you don’t need to move the software. If you already own Dante Virtual Soundcard you can upgrade from single machine to transferable license for only US$30, and then move it on over.

Audinate: audinate.com
Australian Distribution: corsairsolutions.com.au


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