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Datapath Wallcontrol 10 Software Gets KVM and Web Interface


14 August 2019

Datapath has added some major developments to its popular WallControl 10 video management software – broadening control scope as well as offering mobile control within the same IP network. With web-interface capability, plus a KVM control function for connected PCs, Wall Control 10 v1.9 offers additional features that provide considerable end-user benefits.

Datapath’s latest version of WallControl 10 allows for browser-based control of the video wall for the first time. Automatically scaling to any PC, tablet or smartphone types this brings WallControl 10 power and flexibility to any device. Users are now easily able to discover and connect to available walls on a server and open and close layout files. 

Video walls can also set for IP network management or not – ensuring maximum control and security. An office receptionist or department manager, for example, may want the ability to change content on a display from their smartphone, but sensitive content on other video walls would not be accessible.

A prime feature on Datapath’s new WallControl 10 v1.9 is the ability to control keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) to source. Using Datapath Agent software, a host of unmanned source PCs delivering content can now be accessed from a WallControl 10 client on the same network, allowing AV and/or IT operators the ability to control and manipulate sources from their workstations.

Datapath has also added new features to the latest WallControl 10 on-board browser.  Users can now set an auto-update that forces websites to refresh at designated intervals. Datapath product manager Matt Tibbitt explains: “There are a very small percentage of websites that automatically refresh their content in real time – sports services and financial markets perhaps being the exception. By adding this function, users can control how frequently they wish to refresh web pages such as news pages, weather, data reports and alike. What’s more, WallControl 10 can automatically pre-scroll webpage content horizontally and vertically if required and users can set a zoom so that the content is presented front and centre as needed.”

Datapath’s latest WallControl 10 developments will be demonstrated as part of the LG TechTour in Orange County, CA, on August 22nd.

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