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Digital Projection & Stewart Filmscreen

Joining forces at InfoComm 2023.


14 June 2023

Three new projectors from DP pair up with screens Stewart Filmscreen to demonstrate their exceptional imaging capabilities. The applications for large-format projection systems run the gamut and no matter their specific purpose, projector-screen pairings that accurately and reliably reproduce mages resonate widely. Be it in a small, dimly lit cocktail lounge or a large, bright lecture hall, having the right projector with the right screen makes all the difference. To demonstrate the capabilities of their respective projectors and screens, Digital Projection and Stewart Filmscreen will pair select products at both DP’s Booth #3029 and Stewart’s Booth #869.

At DP’s exhibit, screens ranging from 100 to 138 diagonal inches from Stewart Filmscreen’s WallScreen Deluxe series will showcase the clarity, colour accuracy, and brightness of DP’s E-Vision 13000 WU, M-Vision 27000 WU in portrait mode, and award-winning TITAN 41000 4K UHD. Meanwhile, DP’s E-Vision 1100 projector accompanies a motorised 157-inch Phantom HALR (ambient light rejecting) screen at Stewart’s exhibit.

In addition to these traditional screen-projector matchups, DP’s award-winning HIGHlite 4K UHD projectors will cast colourful blended images across the side of a vintage Volkswagen bus. This unique imaging presentation spotlights the award-winning attributes of DP’s HIGHlite 4K UHD projectors.

“Systems integrators who stop by the DP and Stewart InfoComm booths will be able to envision how a premium DP projector — when paired with a high-quality screen — can support the imaging needs of a wide range of commercial environments,” explains DP Vice President of Sales Chuck Collins. “From projectors catering to the needs of corporate boardrooms and educational facilities with high levels of ambient light to multi-purpose hospitality and entertainment venues, DP’s projectors excel no matter the environment or intended purpose.”

Digital Projection: digitalprojection.com
Australian Distributor: ambertech.com.au


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