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15 March 2016

dom harter managing director martin audio

Martin Audio has appointed Dom Harter as Managing Director with immediate effect.

An experienced business leader with a deep history and passion for pro audio, Dom’s remit will be to build on the success of the Martin Audio brand and help grow this success across multiple markets worldwide.

Dom has an impressive CV for someone still relatively young, with multiple pro audio roles including serving as both Director of R&D as well as Sales Director with Turbosound before joining Harman’s Mixer Group with several roles including Global Sales Director/VP for Harman’s Mixer BU.

“Pro Audio has been my entire professional career having worked for some of the best known pro audio brands alongside a number of prestigious installations, one-off events and tours”, said Dom.

“It is an honour to lead the Martin Audio team”, he continued. “It is a brand of tremendous pedigree with truly exciting innovations. I’m excited by the energy, talent and love of the brand within Martin Audio. I can’t wait to get going, together I am confident the Martin Audio team can put the plan and structure together to realise our true potential.”

Summing up, Mark Graham, CEO of Loud Technologies, said, “We are thrilled to have Dom join Martin Audio. The combination of his engineering and industry background together with his proven business acumen brings a powerful skill to fulfill the full potential of the Martin Audio brand. The possibilities for Martin Audio are powerful given the runaway success of CDD and a new upcoming exciting launch at Prolight + Sound so it is well-positioned to move forward in challenging economic times.”

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