17 October 2013

Sharp PN K322B touchcreen monitor


Sharp’s new 32-inch-class (812mm) LCD touchscreen monitor, the PN-K322B features IGZO technology and an ultra-high-definition touchscreen delivering 4K-resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). Combining the IGZO technology with edge-lit LED backlighting, the panel is 36mm at its thickest point. The PN-K322B monitor is capable of recognising 10 touch points at once and comes with a touch pen with an extra-small 2mm tip that enables users to easily underline text, add notations, draw illustrations and make amendments to onscreen content. To prevent unwanted contact when the user’s palm is resting on the touchscreen, a palm cancellation function can be selected to prioritise pen input. The PN-K322B can be set up in a vertical (90 degree) or low-angle (24 degree) position by using a dedicated stand that allows the monitor to slide between the two angles. Sharp’s IGZO technology supports increased pixel transparency and reduced current leakage, so the monitor operates with 93W power consumption. The RRP is AUS$8,800 via specialist resellers in November 2013.

Australian Distributor: Sharp Australia 1300 135 530 or www.sharp.net.au


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