28 October 2015

dpa dscrett_rs

DPA Microphones has announced its new d:screet Slim Microphone at AES 2015 (Booth 727). Designed to meet the needs of film makers wanting a near-invisible body-worn mic, d:screet Slim features the DPA’s omnidirectional capsule element in a flat head, a slender cable and a new button-hole mount accessory. The mic is currently in beta-test stages with some of the industry’s big-name sound engineers.

The microphone’s new button-hole mount, which comes as an enclosed accessory, provides a 90-degree sound input angle, allowing the cable to lay flat against a surface rather than sticking straight out. It is also designed to fit into a space as small as 2mm. The combination of the size and available accessories increases the number of mounting solutions as it can be placed virtually anywhere without being seen.

A refinement of DPAs currently available concealer solution is also being unveiled and features a separable construction, meaning that the concealer top can be divided from  the concealer base allowing the base to be kept fixed at the clothing allowing the top part to be removed independently.

More info:
DPA Microphones: www.dpamicrophones.com
Australian Distributor: www.ambertech.com.au


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