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Elecard ViCont

Presenting versatile software system for digital signage content orchestration.


20 September 2023

Digital advertising has become the most common and in-demand way to reach clients; digital screens in subways, streets, stores, museums, and government institutions are now a part of everyday life. The bright dynamic content presentation, the ease of updates, the ability to flexibly and quickly configure the advertising and information components, as well as the wide audience coverage — all this forms a reliable foundation for the rapid growth and popularity of the Digital Signage segment worldwide.

Content preparation, effective server-player configuration, and control of content delivery for digital platforms are complex and time-consuming processes. Elecard has developed a product that allows you to quickly manage the content playback on digital advertising screens, as well as easily change or update it. Elecard ViCont is a unique Digital Signage system designed to deliver targeted content to viewers. It helps you to centrally manage the content playout, collect statistics, and monitor the quality of data delivery in real time. You can also optimise the flexible settings according to your project’s needs.

Elecard ViCont allows you to show live broadcasts or pre-made video files, supplement videos with advertising and information blocks, create playlists, and manage everything using a simple-to-use web interface. Emergency playlists help to quickly notify visitors and customers of unforeseen situations or changes in the schedule.

“We have created a product that will simplify the preparation, configuration, and delivery of content for Digital Signage systems. Elecard has many years of experience organising video broadcasts, so this product is a natural progression of our work in the media sphere. We are known in the broadcasting market for our professional skills and expertise in video coding, analysis, and monitoring. Our product can save your time, money, and resources by streamlining the main tasks, and we will do everything to help your client see the right content at the right time in the right place,” says product manager Ivan Rodionov.

Main features of Elecard ViCont:

  • Live broadcasts and delivery of pre-made content
  • Centralised playback and playlist management
  • Group players for more convenient management
  • Broadcast with a resolution of up to 16k
  • Automatic switching between live broadcasts and file playback
  • Adaptive, targeted ad insertion
  • Overlay of advertising and informational content on video
  • Visual control of content displayed on players

ViCont can be used in many places:

Transportation. Screens inside passenger compartments can show information about the trip, advertising, and entertainment content.
City warning systems, Municipal. City-wide emergency warning systems and information stands.
Social services. Deliver information to places of social significance — near tourist attractions, schools, shopping centres, etc. ViCont can help with on-premise guidance, local weather, notifications about evacuations, or other emergency situations.
Medical. Guidance for patients, optimisation of queues, and notification for employees.
Hospitality. Information about check-in and accommodation, emergency alerts, advertising, and entertainment content in waiting areas.
Manufacturing. Increasing productivity, motivating employees, and reminding them about safety.

ViCont can easily adjust to the requirements of your project, and the Elecard team can help to choose the right options and modules.



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Issue 27