epson home theatre projector



5 August 2016

epson home theatre projector

Epson launched a new range of home cinema projectors this week. Not interested? Wait a second, because they packed a couple of interesting features that will probably find their way into its commercial range at some point.

The two key features were HDR compatibility (for high dynamic range support) and 4K enhancement (to accept 4K content and interpolate it to provide greater detail in the image). It was an impressive demo at Sydney’s hidden gem, the Golden Age Cinema (a one-time private theatre for Paramount execs).


The top of the range EH-TW9300W also packs wireless capability — the new WiHD transmitter makes it possible to wirelessly receive 4K content. It means you can move the projector about and not have to run cable through the ceiling. Saying that, there are some range constraints and it’s line-of-sight.

The 9300’s 16-piece lens is 4K-ish — Epson was a little cagey about how to describe things, but it’s clear that a 4K projector is being developed, they need to have a lens that can cope, and the lenses we’re seeing on this new range are part of that development.

General Manager, Business Division, Epson Australia Craig Heckenberg said, “The latest technologies integrated in these models, such as 4K enhancement and UHD Blu-ray and HDR support, mark a significant improvement in image quality and will really enhance the user’s overall experience. But what’s great is that they’re also easy to use, with motorised optics and lens position memory making everything from installation to every day use simple and hassle-free.”



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