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Extron’s New CA 163 Column Array Speaker

Extron has introduced the CA 163, an easy-to-install column array speaker


16 November 2023

Extron has introduced the CA 163, an easy-to-install column array speaker, designed to combine excellent speech intelligibility, a contemporary aesthetic, and integration-friendly mounting options. Two mounting systems are available to accommodate different room layouts and sizes. Ideal for acoustically challenging environments, it features a focused vertical dispersion that efficiently directs sound to listeners instead of reflective ceilings or floors. Available in paintable black or white, the CA 163 is an integration-friendly solution for ambient environments.

“One of the most frequent requests we’ve received has been for an Extron column array speaker,” says Casey Hall, Chief Marketing Officer for Extron. “Our engineers set out to design a new solution that not only looks as great as it sounds, it’s also extremely easy to install. We are very excited to expand Extron speaker offerings into the larger applications served by the CA 163.”

The wall mounting system is designed for one person to mount the CA 163 to the wall securely and a wall-mounting template is included that makes it quick and easy to accurately position the speaker mounts. Once the mounts are installed, an innovative slot on the rear of the speaker easily allows it to slide up and down to the desired height.

The CA 163 PT includes a pan & tilt mount for maximum speaker aiming flexibility, while the CA 163 LP includes a low‑profile mount for minimal protrusion from the wall.

For more information on the CA 163, click here.

Extron Australia: 1800 EXTRON



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