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7 December 2015


Since end of October Carnival Maritime, the Marine Operations Unit of Costa Group, provide digital support, control, and planning of all technical and nautical aspects of the 25 cruise ships of Costa Crociere, Costa Asia and AIDA with a team of 150 skilled specialists. The centrepiece of Carnival Maritime is the fleet operations centre, FOC, where visual display technology from eyevis provides reliable representation of incoming information. With the inauguration of the FOC in Hamburg Carnival Maritime possesses a state-of-the-art command centre for the real-time monitoring of different parameters of their vessels including radar and meteorological data. In addition to the movements of the vessels information such as fuel levels and water stores are shown in large format.

For the display of the manifold sources the specialist officers in the fleet operations centre use three video walls each composed of a 3×3 array of 47-inch seamless LCDs. The displays type EYE-LCD-4700-USN-LD-FX provide full HD resolution with 1920×1080 pixels, 24/7-ready electronics and a super-slim bezel enabling a minimal gap of only 4.9 mm between the content of two displays. Based on the data collected in the FOC the experts in Hamburg receive a comprehensive overview on the actual situation. The curved installation of the video walls ensures all officers in the control room have a perfect viewing angle on all screens.

A further video wall in the FOC with a 2×2 array of 55-inch seamless displays type EYE-LCD-5500-USN-LD-FX with full HD resolution and 5.3mm bezel width is used to provide additional information to the staff.

A further room for meetings and conferences adjoining the actual fleet operations was equipped with a 85-inch Ultra-HD touch screen. The large-format device type EYE-LCD-8500-QHD-LD-TOUCH-6IR features pin-sharp resolution with 3840×2160 pixels on more than two metres screen diagonal. An infrared touch system with six simultaneous touch points enables intuitive presentations and interaction with displayed contents. To ensure a flexible application, the display is mounted on a height-adjustable stand.

To ensure a uniform display on all displays the FOC also received an EYE-LCD-Colour Adjustment System. In case of colour shifts in the displays, or after the replacement of an individual screen, the semi-automated system can be applied to achieve a homogeneous representation of brightness and colours on all connected screens.

The installed netPIX graphics controller and eyeCON wall management software provide the connectivity of the various source types and the distribution of the images on the screens. In a user-friendly way and best quality all signals can be displayed in free position and size on the video walls. The capture module of the software enables the transmission of local monitor content to the large screen walls. With the integrated eye-GATE-130-HDMI video encoders more sources can be integrated in the system as IP video streams.

Since the reliable availability of information and their stable display are indispensable in the remote surveillance system, Carnival Maritime chose professional high-end display solutions from eyevis. With latest LCD technology designed for reliable continuous operation, a powerful controller and innovative wall management software, the integrated eyevis system contributes to the safety of the passengers on board.

“The installed system had to fulfil highest demands. Best reliability of operation, high image quality and resolution, as well as a balanced price-performance ratio made eyevis solutions the ideal solution.” summarizes Jörgen Strandberg, Director Fleet Operation Center at Carnival Maritime, the choice for eyevis products.

Michael Reichart, Sales Manager at eyevis, adds: “We are very happy Carnival Maritime is convinced of the reliability and usability of our solution. This again points out the leading role of our products in the fields of command and control.”

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