19 April 2016

video devices pix-e5_rs

Video Devices has announced a firmware update for its Pix-E Series recorders that will allow them to record video using the H.264 codec, and also simultaneously record a high-quality Apple ProRes file with a smaller MP4 file.  The H.264 codec offers a good balance between compression and quality to reach low data rates and smaller file sizes, not to mention faster file uploads and easier emailing etc.

The new simultaneous recording capability of 4K ProRes files and 1080p MP4 means the Pix-E automatically scales the recording for H.264. Both recordings include audio — up to eight channels with ProRes, and two channels with H.264. The Pix-E Series includes two five-inch models, and the seven-inch Pix-E7.

Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design, Sound Devices, LLC, says, “At the end of a shoot, quickly handing off a low-cost SD card containing the video content to a producer, director, or whomever, further streamlines the process; now they have something quick and easy to review, in their own time, on computer or tablet. Since H.264 is ideal for web streaming, houses of worship, corporate clients, and educational facilities will have a more direct way to get their presentations to the web for online viewing.”

More Info:
Video Devices: www.videodevices.com
Australian Distributor: www.corsairsolutions.com.au


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