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19 March 2014

Salamander Quad Pro 2 for web


The Salamander Quad Pro is the latest flame unit under development from Le Maitre. A larger, more versatile four canister system, it can be operated with each canister being fired independently and the option of multiple colours being loaded. There is a choice of fuels – butane/propane (natural canisters) and where the use of propane isn’t permitted, ethanol/methanol (red canisters), provide an alternative solution. Firing the canisters sequentially can be used to increase the duration of the effect, with up to 120 hits in total and each flame reaching around 4m in height. Alternatively, all four canisters can be fired at the same time to produce a much bigger single flame reaching up to eight metres. A unique firing system eliminates internal valves and accumulators, minimising the chance of the system becoming blocked or leaking. Canister-based fluids eliminate the need for external propane tanks, trailing pipes and multiple valves, enabling quick set-up and reduced cost. The unit is operated through DMX.

Australian Distributor: Universal Lighting Audio (ULA) Group 1300 852476 or www.ula.com.au


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