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3 October 2018

Gefen is now shipping its 4K 600MHz 4×1 Multiview Seamless Switcher (EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41).

“The 4K 600MHz 4×1 Multiview Seamless Switcher is the perfect solution for displaying content from four high-definition sources on one 4K Ultra HD display,” NSC Gefen Product Manager Jason Fitzgerald said today. “It is ideal for sports bars, restaurants, hotels, and any other commercial signage and entertainment installations where multiple sources need to be displayed on a single high resolution monitor.”

The 4K 600MHz 4×1 Multiview Seamless Switcher switches and displays up to four sources individually or in various combinations on a single Ultra HD display. Its 4K HDMI 2.0 output ensures a high-resolution, pixel-to-pixel representation of each source on one screen in a quad-structure or other layout. Advanced seamless switching technology ensures no interruption of picture and no frame loss during source selection. Factory presets provide most commonly used arrangements of windows on a display, including single window output. Additional programmable presets allow the user to store and recall custom-configured window arrangements.

The 4×1 multi-view switcher is HDCP compliant, with support for input resolutions up to 1080p Full HD (60Hz) and output resolutions up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 (18Gbps, 600MHz TMDS clock). Audio from any of the four HDMI sources can be selected via IR, RS-232, or IP, for playback through the HDMI output and the L/R analogue audio output. Plus, the analogue audio is de-embedded from the HDMI output and can be routed to an outboard sound-reinforcement system, adding presence and impact to AV presentations.

The 4K 600MHz 4×1 Multiview Seamless Switcher is controllable via front panel buttons, its handheld IR remote control, RS-232, and IP (web server interface, Telnet, and UDP). An intuitive on-screen Graphical User Interface simplifies system configuration, and its 1U tall enclosure features removable rack ears. It can be mounted in a standard 19-inch wide rack or conveniently be placed on a shelf.

“The MultiView Seamless Switcher is a great solution for small and large commercial venues that require seamless switching between multiple entertainment and signage sources, or need the content from these sources simultaneously displayed on a single screen,” Fitzgerald concluded.

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