16 August 2013

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The HDBaseT Alliance has released the specifications for the latest version of HDBaseT 2.0. The new HDBaseT HomePlay feature set, based on the HDBaseT 5Play capabilities, will make it simpler and more cost-effective for consumers to turn their entire homes into multimedia entertainment centres. HomePlay, as defined in the new HDBaseT 2.0 specification, features an elegant, affordable plug-and-play solution that will allow the average consumer to enjoy the same multimedia benefits of HDBaseT to which professionals have become accustomed. HDBaseT 2.0 represents the evolution of both multimedia entertainment and Ethernet technology. The HomePlay switch is designed to provide all required services for the multimedia home, such as delivering time-sensitive high throughput video, including 4K, audio and USB to all the rooms in the house. While HDBaseT 1.0 only addresses the Physical and Data Link layers, HDBaseT 2.0 adds networking, switching and control point capabilities. HDBaseT 2.0 also defines point-to-multipoint connectivity, providing multi-stream support, and also adds inherent support for USB 2.0 and other native interfaces. For more information on HDBaseT 2.0, visit www.hdbaset.org


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