21 October 2016


Hitachi has introduced a new 3500-lumen LED projector that utilises HLD (High Lumen Density) technology. HLD increases the brightness of the green LED, which by nature is not as bright as blue or red light. A series of blue LEDs are directed into a phosphor rod where the light is changed to green. The light source operates in tandem with high brightness red and blue LEDs which give 3500 lumens of brightness and 30,000:1 contrast ratio.

Several installation features are also present to make life easier for integrators. From Edge Blending and Warping to 360° with portrait installation. You can schedule actions such as power on and power off, input selection, and other settings.

Two models will be available in this series, model LPWU3500 (WUXGA) and model LPWX3500 (WXGA).


Hitachi has also announced two new interactive panels; a 65-inch Full Hd model and the company’s first 86-inch Ultra HD model. The panels have been designed for use in boardrooms, classrooms, lecture theatres, foyers, and consultation rooms. They handle up to 10 simultaneous points of touch, a bright LED anti-glare screen, wide viewing angle, and 40W front-facing stereo speakers (86-inch model only). The interactive panels are both Windows and Mac compatible.

More Info:
Hitachi: www.hitachi.com.au


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