15 January 2016

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Australian digital media solutions provider Hostworks has announced a first-of-its-kind global collaboration agreement with Pacific Television Centre (PacTV), a leading independent transmission and production company.

This collaboration offers the world’s first joint content streaming and management service to the global marketplace. This relationship guarantees quality of service, and will help drive uptake and consumption of video content on mobile devices and tablets, from broadcast sports highlights to news bulletins.

As part of the agreement, Hostworks will station high-definition video source encoders on site at two key PacTV facilities in London and Los Angeles. This infrastructure will enable transmission signals to be ingested and encoded through Hostworks’ own content delivery network (CDN).

Customers of Hostworks in Australia, and beyond, will receive access to PacTV’s international video network, including live coverage of sporting and music events as well as news from anywhere in the world in a range of formats that can be accessed on multiple devices. Similarly, PacTV’s customers will have the ability to broadcast their content beyond traditional, mainstream distribution platforms, to ensure it is available to any consumer, on any platform, anywhere in the world.

More Info:
Hostworks: www.hostworks.com.au



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