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8 June 2017

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bose edgemax

EdgeMax in-ceiling loudspeakers are a premium option for integrators, featuring proprietary Bose PhaseGuide technology for room-filling coverage while improving overall sound quality. Designed for mounting near wall boundaries, EdgeMax loudspeakers project high-frequency sound throughout rooms up to 20m wide using only perimeter mounting locations, and can effectively cover an area that would require up to four conventional conical-coverage models. Producing excellent intelligibility for speech and full-frequency response for music, EdgeMax is ideal for retail, commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications.

EdgeMax’s selling point is that it eliminates the need for conventional ceiling speakers mounted in the centre of rooms, or surface-mount loudspeakers mounted on walls. And because of their unique design and consistent coverage pattern, EdgeMax loudspeakers enable installers to move efficiently through the installation, creating a great-looking and great-sounding end result. EdgeMax in-ceiling loudspeakers are available with two different horizontal coverage patterns, 90° (EM90) and 180° (EM180). Both models feature 75° asymmetrical vertical coverage, which is optimised for ceiling heights between eight feet and 20 feet.

bose panaray

Bose Professional has introduced some exciting new products in the lead-up to InfoComm 2017. Furthering its offerings in the steerable array loudspeaker market, the new Panaray MSA12X features a slim, unobtrusive acoustic design with 12 full-range 2.25-inch transducers in a column line array configuration. 12 internal power amplifiers provide 50W to each transducer, comprising a 600W rated system. Onboard DSP allows digital control and beam steering of the array’s vertical coverage patterns, while the proprietary articulated array configuration gives a wide 160° horizontal coverage. Independent level and EQ control is supported for two separate beams per array, and onboard memory stores up to 10 user-selectable presets. Dante network connectivity is supported, or you can hook it up via the line-level analogue input. Design, setup, and control of beam coverage is provided by Bose Professional Modeler and ControlSpace software. The MSA12X is available in either black or white finish and is paintable.

bose subwoofer

The new MB210 compact subwoofer is designed for background/foreground music and small sound reinforcement systems that require low frequency extension down to 37Hz. Two 10-inch woofers are housed in a Baltic-birch plywood enclosure optimised for fixed installations. The MB210 has a power handling of 500W and weighs in at 18.6kg.

bose controlspace

Bose’s new ControlSpace EX system includes the ControlSpace EX-1280C conferencing signal processor and three ControlSpace EX Dante-based under-table endpoints (EX-4ML, EX-8ML and EX-UH). Designed with input from leading integrators and consultants, the system streamlines audio conferencing design and implementation with purpose-built hardware to deliver seamless microphone integration, comprehensive connectivity, and time-saving software algorithms.

The three low-profile under-table boxes (UTB) with integrated Dante and PoE allow multiple microphones and codec connections from the table to the rack with a single Cat5 cable. The EX-8ML and EX-4ML analogue microphone endpoints support eight- and four-channel microphone inputs respectively, with 48V phantom power, built-in Dante audio conversion, daisy-chainable PoE, and onboard 12V power and multiple GPIO per-channel. The EX-UH adds USB and handset audio for expanded codec options and convenient plug-and-play connectivity at the table for BYOD applications.

The EX-1280C processor includes USB, VoIP, analogue telephone, and Dante connectivity, eliminating the need to choose from different DSP models for different applications. The 1RU design features 12×8 balanced analogue I/O, 12 routable acoustic echo cancellers, 64×64 Dante audio networking, two-line VoIP, a USB port for PC soft codecs, PSTN for analogue telephone connections, eight-channel Bose AmpLink output, serial control via RS-232 and UDP, and a convenient front-panel interface with OLED display.

ControlSpace EX components are configured and controlled with Bose ControlSpace Designer 5.0 software. ControlSpace Remote 2.1 has been upgraded to support the new EX and includes a dialler for creating a complete tablet-based user interface for conference rooms.



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