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9 February 2015

Christie Boxer 4K30

The first offering from Christie’s Boxer series of 3DLP solutions is the 4K30 projector for rental staging and fixed installations, on show for the first time at ISE 2015.

Christie Boxer-1 small

With six 450W mercury lamps delivering 30,000 centre lumens, the unit weighs 68kg and is loaded with Christie Twist, which allows images to be blended and warped onto curved or irregular surfaces, and TruLife electronics which supports native 4K as well as HD signals with onboard upscaling. The model is equipped with full connectivity including 3G-SDI, HDBaseT, Display Port, DVI-I, HDMI, VGA and 5 BNC, plus a colour LCD preview panel readout and a complete lens suite.

“The brightness-to-size and brightness-to-weight ratios of the Boxer 4K30 is second-to-none in this lumen level of projector,” said senior product manager Mike Garrido. “This translates to not only the lightest projector at 30,000 lumens, but also reduced shipping costs and on-site handling.

“This Boxer 4K30 and the Boxer Series is about our customers winning more bids, winning more repeat business, earning more money per project and satisfying the needs of the most demanding clients. Boxer is optimised to provide an unprecedented user experience and everything from ease of use to lumens to durability to shipping size to weight has been taken into account.”

Senior director of engineering, Jeevan Vivegananthan, added: “At the pre-launch event, everyone was very impressed with Boxer not only for delivering so much brightness in such a small, quiet package, but also for the fact that Boxer was loaded with exciting new features that make it very easy to use. For example, you can monitor lamp life levels using your smartphone and the projector even comes with its very own built-in toolbox.

“With the Boxer 4K30 and the entire Boxer Series, the omnidirectional orientation capability means greater installation and placement flexibility. No matter where you place the Boxer projectors and whether the projector points up or down at any angle, the image maintains its integrity and uniformity throughout the performance or presentation.”


Christie H Series

Christie H Series-2 small

Christie’s latest H Series is its most powerful 1-chip DLP projector line with 12,000 lumens in HD or WUXGA and a compact design. Also debuting at ISE, the dual-lamp D12HD and D12WU-H models weigh 24kg and suit mid-to-large rental staging and fixed applications, and can be installed in portrait or landscape mode.

“Christie H Series provides the best of both worlds in 1DLP offerings,” said product manager Curtis Lingard. “It is both rugged and bright enough for rental staging applications but also provides rich, beautiful colours and is well-designed for the office. At less than half the size and noise factor of other projectors in this class, the Christie H Series delivers a super-quiet, clean, sophisticated look with plenty of presentation power packed inside.”


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