KIT-400: All-in-one 4K Receiver/Transceiver from Kramer


23 January 2020

Making its debut at ISE 2020, Kramer introduces the KIT-400, a new switchable transmitter and receiver that provides 4K power and flexibility to today’s meeting spaces.

Kramer’s KIT-400 brings a wealth of benefits to the end user, including connecting to a wireless device and the ability to store pre-defined room setups, letting busy teams start meetings instantly, without wasting time. 

KIT-400 is the core of the Kramer@Work KR-4000 meeting space solution and provides multiple local and remote video inputs. Providing full functionality right out of the box, KIT-400 is powerful in both transmitter and receiver modes. As a transmitter, the solution provides vivid 4K@60 4:2:0 with two HDMI inputs and a legacy VGA input. It also simplifies – or even elevates – room automation with its advanced Kramer Maestro room automation capabilities, an HDBaseT output, and bi-directional powering for additional flexibility and easy setup.

Equally powerful as a receiver, KIT-400R serves as a high-end 4K@60 4:4:4 scaler equipped with one HDMI input that includes wireless and/or digital signal connectivity and one HDBT input. An HDBT output, powering at either the receiver or the transmitter side, and fast switching give this easy-to-install solution further advantages.

Ready for the future of IoT and Smart Buildings, KIT-400R offers seamless integration to occupancy sensors. Users can choose RS-232 and CEC for display control.


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