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14 June 2017

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Kramer Electronics announces the KN-DSP100 Kramer Sound server — a Dante-equipped digital sound processor (DSP) designed to operate specifically over IP networks.

“As a music producer and sound engineer, I am especially sensitive to how audio influences so many aspects of our lives in subtle and not so subtle ways,” said Yuval Kramer, Director of Audio at Kramer. “I saw the potential to do something great in this area that would put us right at the front of the pack among our pro AV competitors — hence the Kramer Sound server was born,” he added.

KN-DSP100 enables simultaneous processing of 64 input channels and distribution of over 1000 outputs. The product is fully compatible with any Dante audio signal and provides auto-detection of all Kramer devices and their functionality. This new single-box, plug-and-play hardware- and software-based IT-oriented solution is ideal for large-scale DSP deployments such as airports, hotels, courtrooms, and hospitals.

“With a deep commitment to innovating in the field of DSP and audio distribution, we formed what we felt was a natural partnership with the best in the digital audio processing business,” said Kramer.

KN-DSP100’s processing capability is powered by plug-in developer Waves Audio. KN-DSP100 will be available starting in the third quarter of 2017.

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