Lab.gruppen IPX: IPD Evolved

Lab.gruppen is replacing the IPD series of DSP-controlled power amplifiers with the IPX series.


5 November 2021

In an unusually candid and chatty press release, the amp specialists talk about the challenges of Covid and chip shortages: “The combination of the pandemic, natural catastrophes and a fire that had consequences throughout the pro audio industry caused severe supply chain problems and skyrocketing freight rates – not just for us, of course, but generally and globally.

These were the elements that ‘suddenly aligned’ and gave us confidence that now was the time to make some real changes. Transition phases are always painful to some degree, but they are also necessary, and we felt wholeheartedly that it was absolutely the right thing to do – so why wait?”


While the IPX series looks similar to the IPD series that it is replacing, there are a number of improvements to be found under the bonnet. For instance, the DSP has been upgraded and is prepared to integrate with future audio and control protocols.

Lab’s take on protocols: “We consider it as a huge benefit to audio professionals when manufacturers across the board agree on standardisation and harmonisation in order to make your job easier. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that IPX is your bullet-and-future-proof power amp solution. However, this fundamental change of the DSP design also means that IPX is not backwards compatible with the IPD series.

“Further, while specified at the same power ratings as the IPD series (1,200W and 2,400W), the new IPX series is more power efficient, and they deliver more power at lower impedance loads. And last but not least, they have a lighter environmental footprint due to their improved power factor load, making them more efficient in terms of sheer electricity consumption.”


The decision has been made to retain the Swedish facility in Kungsbacka as the R&D headquarters, but to move manufacturing to the Far East “which may cause concern to some, but please rest assured that you will not experience any changes in terms of quality, sturdiness and reliability. The number one mistake Western companies make when moving production to Asia is more than anything to have missed out on doing their homework properly – on a cultural as well as a practical level. Well, Music Tribe has been present in the region for ages. In fact, far longer than e.g. Apple and other huge consumer goods manufacturers that we have all accepted as high quality vendors long ago. It cannot be stressed enough that this is not a new process of change for us, or a first attempt at dipping the toes in new waters – we have decades of experience with how to manufacture efficiently and reliably out of Asia. And perhaps most important of all, we have a proven track record of successful Pro Audio and MI brands to back our beliefs that this will indeed become very beneficial for all of our customers.”

More about the IPX amp series


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